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14 Seasons of ACC!

Welcome to my Adoptees Connecting page!

One day in 2008, an 8 year-old friend asked me, "How did you handle being adopted?".  After telling her a couple of my strategies, I said, "Let's find some other adopted children who would want to get together and talk about this." My search led to therapy groups but not any play or art-based groups. So the two of us created the first Adoptees Connecting Camp in the summer of 2008!

How greatly I would have appreciated such a group when I was growing up in Indiana. I had no peer adoptees to relate to when I was a youngster, and I knew no adult adoptees. Those who attend ACC have an opportunity to be with other adopted children of various ages and with an adult adoptee. Over the years, I have seen that each child has a unique approach to life and adds his/her own particular wisdom to the group- no matter their age. As an adult, I have explored a wide variety of approaches to processing the feelings and thoughts about my adoption. And during my 30 year teaching career, I have created many successful creative classes and camps. These experiences, along with my 8 year old friend, fuel and inform my inspiration for ACC.

ACC is a fun, safe and creative place for adoptees, 7-14 years old. This club is for children who want to explore their adoption story in a supportive and playful way with other adopted children. Each child will have many opportunities to share, explore and celebrate their particular life journey as an adopted person through various art forms: writing, drawing, cooking, tai chi, mindfulness, creative visualization, and drama. Since there are no more than 8 children at our club meetings, there is time for all to participate fully. This year we will be contunie to use the fantastic, clever and practical booklet for adoptees when they are asked questions about adoption called: W.I.S.E. Up! Powerbook from The Center for Adoption Support and Education (CASE).

*Please see below about the upcoming dates for ACC and wonderful photos of adoptees having fun at my home studio, the FAD PAD!*

"ACC is the only camp I really want to go to!"
- 9 year old

"Thank you for making ACC. ACC not only helped us with adoption, but helped us get through some rough times and still have fun",
- from a thank you card from the ACC 2015/16 club

"Thank you for creating ACC camp. This camp has been really helpful to me because I can actually have something in common with others and make new friends, learn new things and tell my adoption story. So, thanks again, love,"
- 10 year old

Adoptees Connecting Club (ACC)
8 Saturdays ~ $800
October 1, November 5, December 3, 2022
Jan 28, Feb 25, March 25, April 22, May 20, 2023

1:00pm - 5:00pm

This session is for adopted children who want to share and explore their adoption in a supportive and playful way with other adoptees.
All members will have many opportunities to celebrate their particular life journey as an adopted person
through various art and craft forms: writing, drawing, storytelling, creative visualization and drama.
Mary Ellen was adopted as an infant and has been exploring adoption in various creative ways for many years.

Fee: $800

*There are 5 ways to send this fee.*

1. Make a check out to and mail it to: Mary Ellen Hill, 7548 Circle Hill Drive, Oakland, CA 94605.

2. Use your own Pay Pal account and pay under the family and friends button to

3. Use VENMO on your phone. I am listed as Mary Ellen Hill @ MaryEllen-Hill-4.
There is also a photo of me that is the same photo that is on the homepage of my website, 510-219-3474.

4. Cash

5. PayPal (Slightly higher rate)

Adoptees Connecting

Please fill out the FAD PAD Emergency Form or I can email it to you.

If you have already been to ACC, or to a FAD PAD playshop or camp, and your contact information has not changed,
you do not need to fill out the FAD PAD Emergency Form.

Parents and teachers rave:
Mary Ellen has positively impacted my child's development for 8 years. I highly recommend her.
Mary Ellen embraces children as they are. That's especially important for adoptees, who suffered an early incredible loss. Her work with art and nature is organically healing.
In ACC's fun, pressure-free activities, meaningful conversations emerge naturally. Over time, adoptees realize their amazing commonality. They see their lives as wonderful journeys.

Adoptee doing art Art work Adoptee Art work Adoptee
Adoptee doing art Art work Adoptee Art work Adoptee

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