3. Workshops, Classes and Retreats

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I offer various classes, workshops and retreats for teachers, parents, and anyone interested in storytelling. Choose from the following three or I can create a new one, tailored to your group.

A. Our Common Origin Story

Learning the Story of the Universe

This program uses a variety of academic teaching techniques. Handouts and materials are given which can be used in your classroom, center, community, etc.

Incorporating the Story of the Universe into your Life

Practical applications of how this story brings insight into your life are presented. Through experiential exercises, such as walking the Cosmic Spiral Walk, the teachings from the story become relevant to your life.

B. Making Stories Come Alive

Awakening Your Story : Learning How to Tell Stories

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to tell a story. Lecture, discussions, demonstrations, handouts and a bibliography, practiced in a supportive atmosphere, will assist you in finding, developing and telling a story.

Story Playshop

Learn theater games, movement, improvisation, word play, and other fun activities that spark interest in stories. Explore different ways to share stories with others in an engaging manner.

Incorporating Stories into your Curriculum

Learn the different ways stories can be woven into your studies. Find out which stories will complement and enhance your teaching style.

C. Custom Tailored Programs

I can also create a custom tailored program to meet your specific needs.

Time: 1 hour to 1 week
Audience: Professionals, Teachers, Camp Counselors, Parents, Anyone Interested
Where: Schools, Retreat Centers, Churches

"You ideas inspired me to think of new ways I can share this information in my classroom. I appreciate all the time you put into making this workshop very practical."

"...very well presented,learning with fun, wonderful,informative, great resourse, awesome information, enlightening."

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