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We Are The Stars That Sing: The Story of The Universe

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mary ellen hill in sundress 1.The Interactive, a participatory, hands-on, call and response, singing, prop-focused presentation is for those of you who want to be actively involved in a multi-sensory experience of the story. You will act out the formation of the hydrogen, create the solar system, help tell the story of life on Earth, blow bubbles, throw glitter and sing a moon chant and more! Creation myths from different cultures are also told in this presentation and often one of them is acted out by the audience.

~Time: 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, with a short break
~Audience: mixed aged groups, adults, children 3 and older
~Where I have told: birthdays, retreats, museums, classrooms, workshops

"I was delighted with the crowd you were able to draw, children and grownups alike. You did an especially good job of involving and engaging your audience--getting them to sing with you or act out certain parts of the stories. The show was fun to watch and even more fun to participate in!" Jennifer Michael, Ph.D., Traditional Arts Coordinator, Museum of Natural History, San Francisco, CA.

 mary ellen hill in planets robe 2. The Cosmic Costume presentation is for those of you who wish to hear a simple, magical, short version of the story complimented by my stunning outfit. My original cosmic costume was specifically designed to give a dramatic visual portrayal of the story.

~Time: 5 to 30 minutes
~Audience: mixed ages, adults, children 5 and older
~Where I have told: conferences, birthdays, schools, churches, memorials

"The universe story shown forth in her clothes, voice, feelings, words, gestures - she embodied the story beautifully" Mary Therese Kelly, MA, Participant in Cosmology and Spirituality Class

mary ellen hill in earth dress 3. The Basic Storytelling version is for those of you who want to sit back and listen to the story. Woven in and out of the scientific interpretation of the story are creation myths and simple chants.

~Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour
mixed ages, adults, children 8 and older
~Where I have told: planetariums, churches, parties, birthdays, schools, camp fires

"Your 'Story of the Universe' was beautiful. The entire audience was completely enchanted and mesmerized. It was exciting to have the planetarium effects complimenting your words so effectively. The entire presentation simply flowed, and rather than a lecture or even our usual storytelling, it resembled a poetic planetarium show." Tinka Ross, Series Coordinator, Morrison Planetarium, San Francisco, CA.

mary ellen hill in animal robe 4. The Experiential Version, "The Cosmic Spiral Walk", is for those of you who want to experience the story by moving your body and for those who enjoy a visual dimension. It was designed by Sr. Miriam MacGillis to provide a meditative walk to help one get a sense of the time, space and creativity of the Universe. For more information on.. "The Cosmic Spiral Walk" Click Here Now!

~Time: approximately 45 minutes depending on size of group
~Audience: mixed ages, adults, children 5 and older
~Where I have told: retreats, schools, outside

"You are extremely skilled in what you do. You are a natural in your work. The way you blend knowledge, vision and art is unique. Your offering is a delight to all who have a chance to experience it." Kym Farmer

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